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More time playing. Less time injured.

We provide attentive, one on one, patient-centred physiotherapy, in partnership with Point Health & Performance Physiotherapy

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Injuries and untreated niggles can lead to extended time away from sport.

It’s frustrating sitting on the sideline missing out on the fun.

We want to help our players avoid injury and get back to playing sooner when injuries occur.

So we’ve partnered with Point Health & Performance to do just that.

Point Health & Performance are an innovative, evidence-based, progressive Physiotherapy clinic located in Mortlake, the heart of the inner west of Sydney.

Specialising in adolescent injuries, they draw on a vast array of experience, clinical expertise and a deep understanding of what you are after in a trusted Health Care Professional.

Their intention is to provide you with an accurate diagnosis, best practice treatment and a thorough short, and long term plan that addresses your concerns and more. We believe in taking the time to listen to you first. We bring to you our clinical expertise from working in elite sport, and the latest research in evidence-based practice.